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These clients have accumulated significant wealth. They have more than enough to meet their lifestyle needs, without the need to work but may still be working because they enjoy it. Wealth may have come from the sale of a business, vested shares for a senior executive, an inheritance or a divorce settlement.

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They may be any age and any family situation. Their defining characteristic is that they are looking for someone to help them use their wealth in a purposeful way, rather than simply invest their funds. They want to be strategic about utilisation of their wealth, but do not want to be consumed by the management of it – they are too busy enjoying other aspects of their lives.

The "Bruce and Beverly Teal" case study provides an example of a couple who would find Wealth Foundation’s service of considerable value.

"A great advantage of the Wealth Foundations’ process is the financial discipline it brings to your affairs. But the more important thing is that it provides the rationale for the discipline. Otherwise, you could just float along. Also, you consciously select the level of risk – it is a transparent approach. Even at the high risk levels, risk is taken in a sensible way."

High net worth medical specialist
Source: Testimonial provided in July 2008

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