"The Value of Financial Planning: The Wealth Foundations' Way"

This eBook makes the value of financial planning more concrete by examining actual client experiences with the "Wealth Foundations Way". It examines the changes in the financial situations of ten clients who have agreed to share their progress over the time they have been working with a Wealth Foundations' principal

Download "The Value of Financial Planning" and learn about key metrics we track to assess our clients' current financial health, and their progress toward achieving their desired financial futures.We explain their importance before looking at the experience of our ten clients.

What stands out, particularly against the backdrop of fairly unfavourable investment markets over the periods under examination, is the steady (and sometimes, spectacular) progress of the accumulator clients and the resilience of the retiree clients.

While our clients do most of the hard work, it is their disciplined adherence to the processes - the "Wealth Foundations' Way" - that reliably achieves the desired results and reveals the value of financial planning.