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Female Divorcees or Widows - "looking beyond the trauma..."

These clients are recently divorced or widowed, likely to own their own residence and have at least $1 million of other assets and / or earn at least $200,000 p.a. They are looking for help to plan their financial future and want a trusted sounding board.

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They want to be able to get on with the rest of their lives, rather than having to get on top of personal finances, previously looked after by their former partner. However, it is absolutely critical that they are comfortable with their adviser.

The "Margaret Pink" case study describes the financial issues faced by a 55 year old divorcee.

"I feel I have an adviser I can totally trust, I feel there is a lot of depth of knowledge and care behind the advice I receive and, although I like to have some active involvement in my planning, I feel I don’t necessarily have to be watching what is happening all the time because my adviser will be doing that."

Retired Divorcee
Source: November 2008 Wealth Foundations Client Satisfaction Survey

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