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Reappraising 50-60 year olds - "a change in direction ..."

These clients are most likely to have a major income earner who is a professional ( e.g. medical, legal, accounting) or senior business executive that has gone as far as they want to go in a successful career. They are looking to wind down or transition to a less demanding and / or less time consuming role where their experience and skills can continue to be used.

Any children have finished or are close to finishing school, with most going to university – perhaps, some now have a degree of financial independence. A previously non-working partner may be returning to the work force but may not be contributing significantly to the family’s financial position.

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The mortgage may be repaid or is at least at a very manageable level. The couple is likely to have a reasonable amount of superannuation and, perhaps, something of an unstructured investment portfolio outside superannuation.

Ongoing cash inflows exceed cash outflows, with no significant sizeable once-off lifestyle expenditures planned. There is an opportunity to maximise accumulation. Business executives may have vesting shares / options that offer the prospect of significant gains.

The "David and Anne Black" case study provides some insights to typical issues faced by such clients.

"Wealth Foundations’ services are invaluable to our peace of mind with relation to our financial situation. The service is excellent, with the attention to detail really appreciated. We are always very pleased with the prompt response to any questions. In summary, Wealth Foundations always delivers."

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Source: November 2008 Wealth Foundations Client Satisfaction Survey

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