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Successful 40-50 year olds - "make or break ..."

Usually, but not exclusively, the male partner is moving towards or at peak of a career, as an investment banker, respected medical specialist, senior partner in a law or accounting firm or high level business executive.

Generally, household income is well in excess of $300,000 p.a., with a sizeable component of investment bankers’ and executives’ remuneration provided as company shares and/or share options.

Any children are in or about to enter secondary school, most likely at private schools. The female partner is unlikely to be working. Alternatively, she may be doing a limited amount of work but it does not contribute significantly to the couple’s total financial position.

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The family’s lifestyle is very pleasant, with nice cars, overseas holidays, dining out – to some extent, it is seen as reward for a potential work/life imbalance.

The couple is likely to have a mortgage, put in place to finance a residence upgrade to cater for a growing family. There may also be a desire to extensively renovate to update the residence to cater for changing family needs.

While all outward appearances indicate "success", there may be a feeling of not making a lot of financial progress – money appears to be going out as fast as it is coming in.

The "Dr Bill White and Dr Susan Green" case study illustrates the concerns felt by many people in this group.

"We are very happy with a very professional and friendly service. We like the "scientific" basis for the advice that is so different from that of most advisers. We have recommended Wealth Foundations to several friends and colleagues."

Early 40’s, Managing Director of Australian subsidiary of a major international company
Source: November 2008 Wealth Foundations Client Satisfaction Survey

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