Escape the personal finance maze

You may be a successful professional or business executive. Or perhaps, you have your own growing and vibrant business. Maybe, you’re independently wealthy. Most people would say you set high standards for yourself and are doing pretty well.

But when it comes to personal finance, you’re justifiably confused. There’s no shortage of information available on the subject – on the contrary, the amount is overwhelming. It’s just an endless stream of "noise" that sometimes seems, and often is, confusing and contradictory. Unlike in areas you know well, there do not seem to be any frameworks or generally accepted principles to help you integrate this information to make consistent, well formulated decisions.

While you know you could resolve this frustration by upgrading your personal finance skills and knowledge, you’re also smart enough to realise it just doesn’t make sense to divert your energies from what you are good at, or enjoy, to become an amateur personal financial planner. But where can you find guidance through the personal finance maze and a framework to help you make confident choices about your financial future.

How can Wealth Foundations help?

Wealth Foundations distinguishes itself by its focus on helping clients make smart financial decisions. But what do we mean by this?

Along the path to arriving at a desired financial destination, there are inevitably many decisions to be made. At worst, and is more often the case than not, these decisions are made both poorly and inconsistently – relying on "gut feel", misinformation, what other people are doing etc. As a result, the chances of achieving desired objectives are considerably reduced.

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Alternatively, decisions can be based on processes and principles that both science and practice have shown are considerably more likely to result in desired outcomes. At Wealth Foundations, we draw on both our extensive experience and the findings of pre–eminent researchers in the fields of:

  • financial economics – the study of investment markets;
  • behavioural science – the study of how people actually do behave rather than how conventional economics assumes they behave;
  • decision making analysis – the study of effective decision making and negotiation practices;
  • positive psychology – evidence based approaches to enhancing life satisfaction; and
  • solutions based coaching – techniques to facilitate positive directed change

to help clients make consistently "smart" decisions to achieve the financial future they want. The decisions are "smart" in the sense they:

  • avoid known pitfalls in human behaviour and decision making;
  • focus on those things that can be influenced or controlled rather than those that can’t; and
  • where risk or uncertainty is involved, provide strategies with the best chance of achieving the desired outcome.

The following quote from the book "Smart Choices" by Hammond, Keeney and Raiffa captures the essence of how we think about the value of making smart financial decisions:

"...a good decision doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good result, just as a bad decision doesn’t necessarily guarantee a bad result. The careless can hit it lucky; the careful can be shot down. But a good decision does increase the odds of success and at the same time satisfies our very human desire to control the forces that affect our lives."

If you would like to take a first step toward enjoying the peace of mind that comes from making smart decisions about your financial future, please contact us to discuss further.

In the meantime, please explore our site to obtain a better understanding of how we go about helping clients make smart decisions about their financial futures.

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