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Wealth Foundations – a long time in the making

Wealth Foundations opened for business in October 2007, almost at the peak of the bull market in Australian shares that had been running since early 2003. Not great timing for a firm that has aspirations to change the face of wealth management, you may be thinking.

But the ideas on which the firm was established have gestated for many years. Between them, the principals Andrew Jenkins, John Leske and Joanne McKay have almost 70 years of collective relevant finance experience and more than 25 years direct financial planning and wealth management experience.

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This long experience led them to the conviction that there has to be a better way. That wealth management is not only about managing people's money but helping them to clarify and achieve what is most important to them in life.

Wealth Foundations was established to provide that better way. Its guiding principles include:

  1. It must reliably deliver a wealth management service that its clients truly value and will make a positive difference in their lives;
  2. That service has to be based on the best available research in the fields relevant to the service and stand up to the most rigorous scrutiny;
  3. The firm will not have any conflicts of interest arising from:
    • directorships with and/or ownership interests in product suppliers; or
    • product suppliers having directorships and/or ownership interests in Wealth Foundations;
  4. The firm will remain in business, free of such conflicts, for as long as its clients deem it is delivering a mutually valuable service. It is a strong intention to never sell ownership interests to third parties for the purpose of enriching the principals and to the likely detriment of existing clients and staff; and
  5. The firm will perpetuate itself and attract quality staff that share its aims and values by:
    • offering ownership interests to outstanding employees; and
    • creating a rich learning and caring environment for all employees.

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The principals believe that successful implementation of the guiding principles will create a unique business built from the ground up in the interests of all major stakeholders – clients, staff and owners.

Wealth Foundations is a personal financial advisory firm. The business is owned and operated by Andrew Jenkins, John Leske and Joanne McKay and is a corporate authorised representative of Wealth Leadership Services (Corporate Authorised Representative No. 319641).  Wealth Leadership Services Pty Limited is a licensed Australian financial services firm (licensee number 317369).  The owners and directors of Wealth Leadership Services are Andrew, John and Joanne.

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